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At Coalition: Impact, we know it isn’t always easy to find the resources and advice you need for your organization. That’s why we’re working with our partners to bring you office hours and workshops with industry leaders. 

On this site you’ll find a variety of upcoming workshops and open office hours from local professionals, like Social Impact metrics advice from Hannah Gay and finance guidance from Joe Holberg. Check back often for upcoming workshops from various professionals.

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Hannah Gay // malinaSI Social Impact Design

malinaSI Social Impact Design maximizes social impact in mission driven organizations. Designed and proven by founder and Impact Captain Hannah Gay, malinaSI’s intensive service package takes just 8.5 hours of time from five team members over one week. Hannah is available for office hours at Coalition Impact (405 W Superior St, in Chicago) on Thursdays between 10am and 4pm Central Time. While her specialty is social impact metrics and the operations they support, she can provide feedback on anything you’d like for nonprofits and social enterprises.

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Joe Holberg Founder & CEO

Joe Holberg had to borrow $40 to apply for college and almost dropped out due to struggles with finances. After graduating, he decided to skip Wall Street for Americorps so he could teach people about managing their finances and building businesses. After stints at Teach For America and Google, he is building Holberg Financial. Their goal is to educate and empower millennials (~22 – 35 year olds) about their finances. They know personal finances suck right now, so they’re making it fun, stress-free, and powerful. If you’ve got a financial question about savings, debt, credit, retirement, or anything else, we’ll get you the answer.

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Carlos E. Peña, Senior Loan Officer

Carlos E. Peña is a Senior Loan Officer at Accion Chicago, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing credit and technical assistance to entrepreneurs who do not have access to traditional sources of financing. As part of his job, Carlos coaches small business owners, conducts financial literacy workshops, and helps entrepreneurs better run their businesses. In addition, Carlos is actively involved in the startup ecosystem in Chicago as a mentor and coach to entrepreneurs. One of his main endeavors consists of organizing Startup Weekend, a 54-hour event were startup enthusiasts work on their ideas/concepts and pitch to a panel of industry experts. He is also an associate board member Goodcity Chicago, an entity that identifies and supports high potential community-based entrepreneurs. Meet with Carlos at CO: Impact Tuesdays 10 AM – 11 AM for office hours. Sign up here!